SUV’s increased popularity over the years has seen auto makers increase their attention to creating more model varieties for their varied customer base. The Audi RS Q3 performance has been announced to the world with a 2.5 TFSI, five cylinder, 270kw engine and performance capabilities of 0-100km/h in 4.4 seconds. Audi claim peak torque of 445Nm can be achieved between 1625 and 5550rpm. This model is set to arrive in Australia before the end of 2016.

Daniel Romano


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The 7 Series is BMW’s big luxury car. It is a benchmark for luxury and the car that brings the latest and most innovative forms of technology in the form of safety and electronics. This is the sixth generation of the luxury sedan and of course it boasts an array of features and improvements over the previous generation vehicle.

Firstly, weight reduction by up to 130 kilograms has been achieved through use of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) to make up a Carbon Core in the passenger cell.  This has been derived from the technology seen in the BMW i vehicles and makes it the first car in its segment to combine industrially manufactured CFRP with aluminium and steel.

In the engine department all V8 and in-line six variants are coupled together with a further developed eight-speed Steptronic transmission. There is the 730d which is powered by a six-cylinder diesel engine that produces 195kW and 620Nm of torque. The 740i and 740Li feature the six-cylinder petrol engine with 240kW and 450Nm. Finally, the 750i and 750Li record output figures of 330kW and 650Nm of torque through the 4.4L V8.

BMW 740i

BMW 740i

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Subaru are offering a new hue of blue for a limited time. The Hyper Blue paint scheme, blue interior stitching and other detail enhancements is made available for the BRZ, WRX Premium and WRX STI Premium special editions.

The option adds $2000 to the Manufacturer’s List Prices (MLP – WRX and WRX STI) and National Driveaway Price (NDP – BRZ).

The Hyper Blue paint scheme will be limited to 200 WRX Premiums with Lineartronic™ Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT), 50 WRX STI Premiums (manual) and 50 BRZs with option pack* (manual and automatic).


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Holden Commodore VF II is 37 years in the making with V8 models boasting a 6.2-litre LS3 engine. The addition of a Bi-modal exhaust and mechanical sound enhancer is standard on all V8 sports models. Front and rear Brembo brakes are standard for top of the range SS V Redline.


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Car enthusiasts around the world, especially the Alfisti have been waiting with great anticipation at the arrival of the Alfa Romeo 4C. It has finally reached Australian shores boasting Formula One inspired technology, beautiful Italian design and performance.

The Australian market will have the option of two variants beginning with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $89,000 for the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe and a MSRP of $109,000 for the Launch Edition of which only 1300 units will be manufactured worldwide with 75 being allocated to Australia.

Both versions offer the purist supercar experience with mid-engine proportions that provide near perfect weight distribution for handling.

In terms of specifications, the car has a top speed of 258km/h and will achieve 0 to 100km/h in 4.5 seconds thanks to a low mass weight of 1025kg. The engine is an all-aluminium 1750cc turbo with direct injection, intercooler, dual intake and exhaust for that raspy exhaust note, continuous variable-valve timing (VVT) and a crankshaft with eight counterweights. You can receive this turbo power surge at 1700rpm where 80 percent of the 350Nm of torque is available. The transmission is a paddle-shifting Alfa TCT twin-clutch system where gearshifts are designed to be more aggressive in Race and Dynamic modes. The DNA selector features four modes including All-weather, Natural, Dynamic and Race. In Race mode, launch control can be activated to achieve the acceleration of 0 to 100km/h in 4.5 seconds on the race track. This car will be popular for track days with this mode allowing more control to the driver under race conditions. It deactivates ESC and anti-slip regulation (ASR) for the driver to control traction. For driving around town an ‘auto’ mode can also be activated.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is a car most welcomed by Australian motoring enthusiasts.

– Daniel Romano


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If you have an interest in classic cars Motorclassica featured something for all at Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building from the 24th to the 26th of October 2014.

Motorclassica 2014 featured a special display celebrating 100 years of Maserati and 50 years of the iconic Ford Mustang. The contrast of American muscle cars and Italian supercars gives an insight into the celebration of the automobile as a whole in this brilliant event.

The Maserati exhibit showcased a 1966 Maserati Sebring Series II Coupe, one of only 22 right hand drive examples ever made and the last of only seven vehicles sent to Australia. This example was fully restored in November 2012 in Melbourne. Other Maserati that adorned the exhibit included a 1979 Khamsin Coupe, 1967 Mistral Coupe, 1970 Indy Coupe, 1957 Maserati 250F Formula 1 Monoposto (CM) and a 1956 A6G 54/2000 Coupe to mention a few.


1966 Maserati Sebring Series II Coupe

For the Ford Mustang enthusiasts a selection of cars from over the years made their presence clear across a tough-looking selection of Boss Mustangs and the famous ‘Eleanor’ Mustang well known in the modern re-make of Gone in 60 Seconds.


Ford Mustang BOSS 302

To understand what motivates somebody to organise and direct an event like Motorclassica, I spoke to Paul Mathers, Event Director of Motorclassica and classic car enthusiast. He describes his particular interest in classic Jaguars as being the result of his mother suggesting he drive a ‘solid and safe’ car like a Jaguar after being involved in an accident in a rental car with his mates on the way to a 21st birthday party. His passion for the marque was further influenced by his uncle, also a Jaguar enthusiast. He presented him with a book about Jaguars in which they used to decide on the car he would buy. The result would be a Jaguar Mark II, Mathers’ first classic car that he still owns today, 26 years later. Mathers’ explains that a “Mark II is not a particularly rare or collectible car” however he “…honestly believes it is one of the most beautiful British cars ever built”. Mathers’ also has a Triumph TR3 which he uses to race and describes it as a “…great fun car”. He explains, “You don’t need a million dollars to buy a Bentley, you can have $20,000 to buy an MGB and still be a part of it”. The ‘Club Sandwich’ exhibit of Motorclassica stays true to this philosophy where it successfully includes all people from various car clubs in the classic car movement ranging from European marques to classic Australian Holdens. Each individual has a unique story behind what has motivated their passion for a particular marque and it is interesting to see how they have become the custodian of their chosen car.


Paul Mathers, Motorclassica Event Director

Jaguar displayed a classic E-type parked in front of its predecessor as a reminder of the history and stark contrast of motor vehicles from the past to present. The sense of scale and variation in detail and technology demonstrated the progression of motor vehicles in the last 50 years.


Jaguar E-Type and the new F-Type

Theodore Bruce Auctions had a series of vehicles ready for auction including a fully-restored 1968 Holden Monaro Bathurst GTS 327 which sold for $140,000.


1968 Holden Monaro Bathurst GTS 327

Paul Mather’s explains the event as being “…the first step” for a younger demographic of future classic car enthusiasts who may visit the event with their parents or grandparents. Introducing classic cars to the younger generation ensures these vehicles remain of interest to future custodians who will keep the cars in Australia for another generation of enthusiasts to admire and enjoy. Motorclassica is an event for the car enthusiast and all those who appreciate beautiful design and remarkable engineering.

– Daniel Romano

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Motorclassica, Australia’s special display of historical automotive masterpieces, will celebrate 50 years of Ford’s Mustang.

Each year the event has themes that celebrate a particular marque or model of vehicle and this year the iconic Mustang nameplate introduced in 1964, will be celebrated. It is often credited as the first car to begin the ‘personalisation’ process for buyers with its long list of accessories to choose from.

Some of the cars on show will be a Mustang Mach 1, an original Shelby GT 350H former Hertz rental car, a Mustang ‘Eleanor’, famously featured in the 1974 film ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ and a rare 2007 Shelby Mustang “Fender” special edition (Fender Guitars) which is one of two in the world.

Furthermore, Maserati will celebrate its 100 year anniversary with a display of racing cars and road models from past and present.

Motorclassica will be held at Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building from 24 to 26 October.

– Daniel Romano

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