Art is often debated as having to be a static object with no function however art is also left to each individual’s interpretation.

Each year Motorclassica arrives at the Royal Exhibition Building sourcing unique automotive masterpieces to appreciating members of the public and of course, automotive connoisseurs.

Chrome, paint, plastic and steel are the materials that collaborate together to create a show of colour and sound. Information boards complement the large articles on exhibit to provide another element to further enhance those with a thirst for curiosity behind the existence of such rare machinery.

There is no denying the majority of these machines are out of reach for the standard punter however exhibitions like Motorclassica which offer incentives such as awards and prestige to owner’s in displaying such vehicles enlightens people of what the industry has crafted over the past century.

Lamborghini Miura at Motorclassica's 'Club Sandwich' Exhibit in 2015.

Lamborghini Miura at Motorclassica’s ‘Club Sandwich’ Exhibit in 2015.

Photo: Daniel Romano Photography

Words: Daniel Romano

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